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Friday, August 29, 2008

St.Jude 5K & Labor Day Holiday Hours

Jonesboro, YOU ROCK!

We are quite the community! Looks like the St. Jude 5K this weekend is going to be a big success!!! It has been reported that there were over 400 shirts ordered in honor of Ben Sherman.

Thanks to all those who took the initiative to participate, be it in "sporting" a new shirt and/or taking on the 5K.

LABOR DAY HOLIDAY: Just a note, we will be closed on Monday the 1st of September in honor of Labor Day.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Thanks Again,

Mary Horne

Monday, August 25, 2008

St. Jude Run for Ben Sherman

Join Junior Auxiliary members as they walk or run for Ben Sherman in the Chili's 5k Run/Walk for St. Jude. Race is this Saturday, August 30, 2008. Click below to order your shirt and get registered for the race! Proceeds from the race shirt will go to the Sherman Family.

Ben Sherman T-Shirt Order Form

St. Jude Race Entry Form

Ben also has set up a "blog" of his own...you can log-on to his site via the link below. It just takes a minute to register...take a minute & let Ben & his family know that they ROCK!

Link to Ben Sherman's Blog

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parents breathing a sigh of relief over new toy safety law

Less lead, more testing, more CPSC oversight. Simple and effective. That’s what we’re getting in the new law just enacted by Congress and signed by the President. It goes a long way in ensuring that all toys will be safe. It’s also a common sense approach to the challenges faced by small businesses. J. Christopher is your neighborhood, locally-owned toy store and we’re seeing great relief among moms and dads and other customers now that these new standards are in place.

The new law puts teeth in the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s (CPSC) oversight of toy safety, giving the CSPC more authority over recalls, more funding, and more staff to monitor toy design and materials. It also mandates implementation of a certification program for manufacturing facilities (wherever in the world they are located) and increased mandatory testing of products for lead content and some other chemicals. Perhaps best of all for parents and others who buy toys, the stringent national standards will help avoid a confusing, inconsistent patchwork of state-by-state regulations that do little to reassure parents about gifts or toys in school that may come from states with low standards.

Summary of H.R. 4040

Friday, August 15, 2008

ROCK it out! & Walk it out!

International Playthings just began shipping their exercise equipment for kids! This is the first of three pieces...maybe we need to start an after school workout program!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ROCKIN' Back to School in Style!

Still looking for the perfect backpack? The coolest lunchbox? What about a Nap Pad Mat Set for that little person in your life getting ready to start school for the first time? Stop by and check out our stock that ROCKS!

What a surprize!

Caroline stopped by the store today to pick out a backpack for her new school. She was soooo excited that we had one that would "just fit me!" She was sure to let us know she was thankful! I just could not resist taking a video clip of her playing with the Jack In the Box! It is so sweet to see the excitement in her eyes as she is anticipating the "pop" and it was so heartwarming to see how it made her laugh....EVERY time it jumped out of the box! Thanks for the laughs CooCoo (Caroline's nickname). Good luck at your new school!

Did anyone see a "Fropper"?????

Keep your eyes open for the "Fropper" by International Playthings!

We received 2 of these yesterday and sold them before we even had a chance to price them! We have several on order for the holidays...due to arrive in mid-October. Let us know if you are interested in being updated when they "FROP" into the store! :)

"Fropper" features a unique spring system that links the 2 level seat, creating a fun and stimulating ride-on experience like no other. The curved seat ensures a secure berth and caster wheels allow your toddler to easily change direction. fropper folds to a fraction of its original size making it convenient for parents to carry and store! For children 18-36 months and up, maximum weight limit 45 pounds.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to make Balloon Art!

One of my friends, Reid, stopped by the store today to pick up a few
things to keep him entertained while his ankle healed up from a skim
boarding accident while we were at the beach this past week. One of
his picks was the "how to make balloon animals" kit...check out his
talents! Thanks Reid & get well soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Horne's

We tested our travel toys & sand toys...everything received a ROCKIN' review from my family to those that we were blessed to spend time with on the journey. We are rested up and ready to take on a ROCKIN' holiday season!

The "Green Toys" Sand Bucket ROCKS for crab hunting!

Rodney, Beau & I went out for one last night of crab hunting along the beach and had quite a bit of success with the sand bucket from Green Toys. Green Toys is an environmentally conscience product made from recycled milk jugs and manufactured in the good ole' USA! Beau was a little hesitant to pick up the crabs & when he did pick them up, they tickled his hands so bad he would usually end up dropping them! :)